Know Before You Act. The Simmons Law Firm prides itself on being approachable and being available. We are easy to talk to, we return phone calls. We encourage our clients to call us with questions or for legal opinions whenever they are unsure of how to proceed.


Every day, businesses throughout California encounter challenges in many different areas of law, from contract law to real estate law to employment law and beyond. The Simmons Law Firm works closely with our clients to craft creative, cost-effective solutions to those challenges as well as create policies and procedures to avoid disputes before they occur.  

We understand that businesses are concerned with obtaining legal services at a reasonable cost. Because no two businesses are the same, our fees are tailored to the legal needs of each individual business. Many of our legal services can be done on a flat fee basis.  Our Business Law services include:

Contract Review, Interpretation, and Negotiation. One of the most important things a business can do to protect itself from future disputes is to have The Simmons Law Firm review all contracts before they are used or signed. Contracts include all agreements such as, buy-sell agreements, purchase agreements, agreements with customers, vendors & service providers contracts, and all other agreements that contain a promise to perform, to refrain from performing, or to pay money. Small changes in contract language can make a big difference when disputes arise. The cost of a contract review can save money and aggravation should a future dispute arise.

Policies, Procedures, & Handbooks. Every employer, large and small, must clearly outline their policies and procedures to avoid unnecessary liability. Having polices that address drugs, email usage, vacations, etc. in place is the best way to ensure that employees know what is expected of them. The Simmons Law Firm will work with our clients to review and revise existing policies and draft new ones where needed.

Employment & Independent Contractor Agreements. Employment and independent contractor agreements set forth the material terms of employment and often establish where a case will be heard should a dispute arise as well as how the dispute will be resolved. Consequences of improperly drafted agreements can be significant. The Simmons Law Firm is skilled in drafting such agreements to ensure that expectations are adequately set.

Construction & Subcontractor Contracts. Construction contracts are extremely complicated and, typically, the publicly available standard form contracts will not meet a business’s needs. The best way a business can protect itself from unnecessary liability is to have The Simmons Law Firm review, negotiate, and/or draft documents such as architect agreements, engineering and design agreements, purchase orders, payment, consulting agreements and construction management agreements to ensure that its rights are protected.

Collections. As every business knows, every dollar counts. When you are owed money, our firm can handle collection cases on either an hourly basis, or a blend of a reduced hourly rate and a fair contingency fee.