Know Before You Act. The Simmons Law Firm prides itself on being approachable and being available. We are easy to talk to, we return phone calls. We encourage our clients to call us with questions or for legal opinions whenever they are unsure of how to proceed.


The Simmons Law Firm advises our landlord, management company, and commercial tenant clients on a multitude of topics, including leasing and application procedures, co-signors/guarantors, subletting/assigning, rent increases, unauthorized use, damage to property, owner’s right of entry, and security deposit disposition requirements. We work with our clients to ensure that their position is clear to the other party, and if necessary, represent our client in court to vigorously defend their position.

Commercial Leases. Most business owners lease space from a landlord. When a commercial tenant is presented with a lease, few tenants know what to look out for and end up getting stuck with terms they did not understand or even knew existed. New businesses often do not have established business credit leading to leases that contain personal guarantees that are extremely one-sided and give the guarantor little recourse in the event of a dispute.

Even if a landlord is fair and ethical, commercial tenants should have an attorney review initial drafts of their leases. In many cases, The Simmons Law Firm can negotiate terms and conditions that are reasonable and balanced for all involved.

Commercial Tenancy Disputes. During a tenancy disputes may arise between a landlord and a commercial tenant on matters other than non-payment.  Disputes can include everything from a tenant’s unauthorized use of the unit to a landlord failing to provide services to disputes between tenants. The Simmons Law Firm can handle virtually every landlord-tenant matter within California.

Unlawful Detainer. The eviction process, whether you are a landlord or commercial tenant, can be time consuming and, if not handled properly, costly. For landlord and management company clients, The Simmons Law Firm can help you through the process from start to finish. We can prepare and serve notices such as letters to tenants or opposing counsel, rent and notices, rent increases, and termination notices.

For our commercial tenant clients, we can review the circumstances surrounding the unlawful detainer and determine whether there are mitigating factors, affirmative defenses, or, if need be, negotiate an exit.