You Are Our Priority

We are a client-centered law firm. Our practice is customized to your business with an emphasis on your needs, goals, and bottom line. Client service is at the top of our priority list. We are easy to talk to. We return phone calls.


Creative, Cost-Effective Focus

Our size gives us the flexibility to sit down with each of our clients and discuss what services make sense and whether those services should be offered at a flat rate, contingent fee or fixed retainer. We work to know our clients and become intimately familiar with the legal problems that confront them so that we may craft creative, cost-effective solutions as well as develop policies and procedures to prevent such problems from occurring again.


Vigorous Representation

We recognize that sometimes litigation is unavoidable. In these cases, The Simmons Law Firm is fully prepared to arbitrate or litigate to ensure our client’s rights are protected. We are well-known for successfully handling all types of litigation and all forms of dispute resolution. Whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, we will vigorously represent our clients in court.